Nouvant hosts and manages technology marketing and licensing websites on behalf of its client organizations. Nouvant only shares the personal data provided by site visitors to respective client sites with the client organization and, when necessary for e-license purchasing, that client organization's approved third-party merchant service provider.

Nouvant collects certain required and voluntary personal information (name, email, organization, title, phone number) from Web visitors who wish to send inquiries, receive subscription emails, or license technologies via the client organization's Nouvant-hosted website.

Nouvant stores this data on its servers. Only approved Nouvant employees and client organization administrators may view this personal data. Nouvant may share this data with the client organization via that client's access to the Nouvant software application, or by some other form, such as written reports or by email.

Nouvant or the client organization may use this personal information to contact you either via the Nouvant software or by other means, such as email or by phone. Nouvant would only use this information to communicate with you on behalf of the client organization, and not for Nouvant's own or other purposes.

Any further use of the contact information by that client organization is governed by that organization's privacy policy.

Nouvant collects this and other required information (address, shipping address, credit card information, etc.) from site visitors who purchase online licenses through this website. Nouvant does not collect, view or store credit card information for the purchase of e-licenses; this is all handled securely by the client organization's approved third-party merchant vendor and e-commerce service provider. Any further use of that personal information by the client organization or its approved third-party merchant service provider is governed by those organizations' respective privacy policies.

Nouvant reserves the right to compile, view and share contact and analytics data (with no specific personal or client information) collected via this site in aggregate with similar information from other Nouvant-hosted websites, such as for the purpose of marketing, software performance testing and reporting, and market analysis.


Nouvant uses cookies to maintain a persistent session for visitors to this website, and to other Nouvant-hosted websites during that session.

Like many websites, Nouvant collects non-personal information from its website users, including: the date and time they accessed the website, the Internet address of the website from which they linked directly to the website, the browser they are using, the website pages they visited, and the content they accessed or downloaded. This non-personal information is used for system administration purposes, to improve the website, and to track the performance of and traffic to the website, such as through Google Analytics. Users' non-personal information may be disclosed to other persons and permanently archived for future use. If non-personal information is combined with the personal information referenced above, then it will be treated as personal information.