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Coming in Q2-17

Nouvant Marketplace

Nouvant specializes in Innovations, Researchers, and Research Facilities. We have thousands of ready buyers and suppliers located around the planet. Each with a penchant need to either buy/rent or sell Innovations, Researchers, or research facilities, to support their businesses and institutions. We bring all the world's data together on fresh ingenuities, the best researchers, and specialized purpose-built modern facilities. If you're looking for a specific innovation, researcher or facility, then get in contact with Nouvant and we will get back to you when we have a potential match.

See the following:

  • New Technologies & Innovations
  • The Greatest Researchers
  • Find the exact equipment
  • Don't build, Rent a Research Facility
  • Show Off Your Start-Ups
  • Find the Requirements of Industry

Innovations, Researchers, Facilities

We help you find the People, Places or Things to enhance your business, and develop well.  Nouvant provides Marketplace tools to manage both side of the market, sell-side and buy-side.







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Portfolio Premium

The Ultimate in bulk sell side tools, detailed profiles on People, Places and Things.

Portfolio Lite

For a few technologies this single listing service is perfect. Cost Effective Global Marketing.

Nouvant Marketplace

Where Innovations meet Industry.  The global marketplace that delivers.

Innovate Lite

For those that want to subscribe and follow People, Places, Things for the next big idea.

Innovate Premium

The Ultimate buy side toolset, Taxon Search Engine, & Requirements Matching.