The Nouvant Platform

The Nouvant Platform leverages and enhances your TTO’s established brand. Our Portfolio - Premium service connects seamlessly to your TTO’s website and helps you commercialize your research and IP fully branded with: technology management, content development, SEO strategies, CRM full functionality, lead engagement, online express and complex Licensing, and many more service modules.

We optimize the user experience, which ultimately connects you with potential licensees, from entrepreneurs to industry giants.

The Nouvant Digital Marketing programs actively promote your new, existing, and modified Innovations. We are the only service to provide a platform focused solely on proactive marketing of your advances in all areas of research. No other service provides active and effective marketing for your TTO!

The Back-Office Administration tools far surpass client expectations. We offer NouvantAlytics, Case Management for Inquiries, Licenses, & Agreements, Professional Services, Tenant specific configurations, all in an automated workflow, and much more!

Portfolio - Lite

Only have a few technologies (Less than sixty, otherwise you should use Premium), this is the service for you.  It allows Technology Listings, Researcher Listings, and Facilities listings.  This is good for individual listings up to about 60 listings, then Premium should be considered for both price and functionality.

Portfolio - Premium

Create a dedicated marketing site that houses all your Technologies, Researchers and Facilities profiles. All with your brand and design.  Clients can access your branded Commons to quickly search, browse and buy licenses.  This level of service is good for groups that have over 60 technologies to market.



Guide your IP portfolio through the commercialization process with a branded website that manages and markets your innovations.

Portfolio administers your inventions while protecting your research with appropriate patent and certification tracking and licensing options.

The unlimited opportunity for License revenue is immense with minimal TTO action required. Let Portfolio do the selling and processing for you and your researchers!

Nouvant Portfolio - Premium

Perfectly branded public portal with with a branded Commons, to highlight you Technologies, Researchers, and Facilities.  Each of these People, Places and Things has their own landing pages, and digital marketing presence.   All branded in your institutions name.


Nouvant Portfolio Digital Marketing

Connects your research and IP to the marketplace with technology management, content development, SEO strategies, lead engagement, and licensing, to name a few.

Next Steps...

Start marketing and selling your innovations, innovators, and innovation facilities today.

Colors & Layouts

Portfolio -  allows you to easily change the colors and layout of your site or listings to create branding with a simple, yet robust set of options you'll love.

Mobile Responsive

At the core of the all Nouvant's Services is the fully responsive framework, which enables it to look gorgeous on any mobile device or desktop across all browsers.


The Portfolio platform comes with global eCommerce, and payment processing, we handle all the PCI headaches, you get a check.

Easy To Use

Everything we create is built with simplicity in mind. We've done our best to only include the customization options you need.


7x24 we are here to make sure you are always marketing, even when you are asleep.

Well Built

We're just as fanatical about well built platforms as we are about clean robust designs.

Well Built

We are here to help train you and your staff.  Just let us know when and where, we have daily and weekly rates.


All updates are automatic, we will announce any changes, and provide details on any new functionality as added.

Feature Requests

Need something tweaked, new idea, bring them to us.  With our rapid revision approach, we do continuous program improvement.